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Sticky Navigator

Sticky Navigator

The Sticky Navigator Module adds an amazing extremly customizable vertical Sticky Navigator menu to your website. Ideal to scroll and navigate on onepage sites using the Joomla system menu as source. Or you can use a custom css selector as a source and Sticky Navigator creates the items accordingly. Use predefined css themes and fully customizable text- and background styles, symbols ( Font Awesome, Google Icons,..) and many effects. Includes Responsive functionality. Includes a Button to Hide or Show the Menu.

  • 12 months updates.
  • After 12 months you can continue using Sticky Navigator without any restrictions.
  • Use on unlimited Domains.
  • 14-day money back guarantee for all our products

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Hello, my name is Alejandro Löwy.
I am a Webdesigner myself, and sometimes
i found it impossible to find the ideal extension for my projects.
So i’ve decided to develope the extensions,
i would've wished for.